Autographed - No Doubting Thomas: Hawg Whisperer My Arkansas Memoirs

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Autographed - No Doubting Thomas: Hawg Whisperer My Arkansas Memoirs

VERY LIMITED QUANTITY! These are limited autographed copies by Greg Thomas done here in store.

"As my grandmother told me, remember that it's not about you when you're trying to open the door for people. In football, he's opening the door and paving the road that other people had to walk on gravel. Greg did the gravel work and they're able to walk on a paved road ."-Nolan Richardson, Hall of Fame and National Champion Coachat the University of Arkansas

"Growing up in San Angelo, Texas, the son of Allie Thomas, a Hall of Famer and state champion coach, Greg was influenced greatly by his father. The atmosphere helped to shape Greg into an outstanding athlete, quarterback and leader. Along with his very capable writer, Leland Barclay, Greg has painted a picture of what he experienced through this exciting adventure. Greg points out vividly the good, the bad, the high and lows of his fascinating Arkansas journey."-Jimmie Keeling, former Head Coach Hardin SimmonsTexas High School Hall of Farner, Retired Coach

"Greg met every challenge that I was aware that he faced. From my perspective; he addressed the question, the interviews, the doubts and the uncertainties, but to be the first Black starting quarterback at Arkansas was so magnified. What I remember is how Greg handled that process with class and with grace."-Bill Rogers, former University Arkansas Assistant Sports Dir.


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