Arkansas Razorback TUSK Lawn Stencil & Paint


Arkansas Razorback TUSK Lawn Stencil & Paint

Want to be the envy of all your neighbors? How about Razorback Stadium in your front yard? THIS IS THE WAY!

How it Works

U-Stenciling is the ultimate in fan expression. Show off large, attractive, colorful logos, slogans, and spirit right on your lawn or any natural surface! Bring the game day experience to your home and enhance your watch party or tailgate event. Make people stop what they are doing to see your work!

Finally, the DIY project that doesn’t take hours to complete. You can do this project alone or involve the whole family. Application is a snap using the pre-cut registration marks on the stencils to ensure precise paint areas.

The spray paint is user friendly too. We made sure our water based aerosol was easy to use, safe to use, applied evenly with each pass, and has lasting vibrant color no matter the natural surface.

Our stencils are durable yet pliable for repeat applications throughout the year. When your logo or slogan masterpiece is complete, simply store the re-useable stencils back into the specially designed shipping container. Then, hang or lay flat in garage , closet or dry storage. No fuss. No mess.

Product Details

Tusk Mascot Stencil
2 Panel Stencil
Size: 90" X 35"
Size in Ft: 7' - 6" X 2' - 11"
Paint Included: 2 Red, 2 Black, 2 White
Reusable Storage Container

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