Baseball Bases Loaded Beer Hat

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Baseball Bases Loaded Beer Hat


You asked for it, WE FOUND IT!

The Bases Loaded Beer Hat made famous by the Baum Stadium CRAZIES!

In case you live in a cave and don't know what we're talking about; When the Razorback Baseball Team gets the Bases Loaded, fans put on the BASES LOADED BEER HAT!

Legend has it that it all started on the scoreboard. When the Hogs loaded the bases, the video board would show 3 beer steins and the words BASES LOADED!

THEN, some folks in the STUDENT SECTION started wearing the beer hats to go with the scoreboard. THEN, a guy known as "HOGNOXIUS" (Bobby) and his "GANG" LOVED the Beer hats and spread it throughout the rest of the stadium. Bibby, err umm... HOGNOXIOUS has been coming up with, shall we say, "creative" ways to heckle the other team. He's also famous for not only his words of "wisdom" to opposing team pitchers, third base coaches and head coaches, AND also for his PROPS. He should be good at it by now. He's been at it since back in the days of the OLD George Cole Field days.

AT ANY RATE, it took me a while to find a source, but now we HAVE ONE!


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